Lucky H Art is wearable art. Wearable art: a step above your designer lines of purses. Anyone can have a designer purse. Each and every purse, wallet, jacket or pair of sexy heals by LuckyHArt is truly a one of a kind. No one else will ever have yours. Every piece from the Lucky H Art studio is one of a kind, unique and impossible to duplicate, even by the artist herself. Our customers are looking for pieces that can't be found in the mega marts or the mall. Every piece of art has an energy that massed produced pieces just don't have. Even if your best friend is carrying a Lucky H Art purse, it's not going to look like yours.

Horse Lovers Purses, Western Home Decor, Custom Painted Horse Purses, Wallets, Jackets and more… All one of a kind art from the heart of a cowgirl artist... Unique techniques are used to handcraft these one-of-a-kind leather purses, wallets, jackets and western home decor. A cowgirl for life, Lucky H Art's owner/designer/artist Heather Grieb, creates wearable art & western decor from her ranch based studio in the heartland of Wisconsin. She uses paints that are especially created to paint on leather ensuring you years, if not a lifetime of enjoyment & wear
Our pieces are repurposed and made new again by transforming them into wearable art.  Its just good for the planet we all call home.  If you would like a brand new purse, jacket or other item painted (your welcome to purchase it & send it to me) please email me directly for a quote on the artwork.  

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